I released my Developer Portfolio

👋 Hello world!

And welcome to my new portfolio.

For a long period of time, I was thinking about showcasing all the things I’ve done in my recent work history and also to write about my daily development issues and experiences in an own blog.

I struggled starting, but now in times of Corona Crisis 😷, I got some time (unintentionally 😅) and got myself to actually start. So I have been looking around for frameworks and ideas to built it not just from scratch, but with a reliable, fancy new framework that makes building, deploying and serving it fast, so I decided to build it with Gatsby.

You can learn more in the future on Gatsby and how to build a Portfolio with it, when I write an article about how I actually built this portfolio the Jamstack way using React ⚛️, Gatsby and Netlify.

Take a look around and leave some feedback here over email or my social media channels if you like to.

Written by
Christian Konrad
Web Developer, Product Manager and UI Designer in Frankfurt a. Main, Germany. My specialization is generalization.